LEOPARD USA: Made in New York and Streetlights Internships

Leopard USA, based in New York and LA, is working with two non-profit organizations  “Made in NY”  and “Streetlights in LA” as part of our ongoing Diversity Programme.

Our first hires are Gabriella Cantrell from LA and Art Thomas from NY.


Gabriella joined Leopard USA as an intern for the development team in 2021. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California in Communication B.A. and a master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism M.S. from the University of Tennessee. She is extremely passionate about both unscripted and scripted television. Prior to joining the development team, she had been working on major commercials, as well as, for the entertainment management company, Luber Roklin Entertainment. A former NCAA track and field athlete, Gabriella continues to enjoy running and mile long walks with her dog.  


Art is a recent college graduate from Ursinus College. Starting by working at a movie theater to becoming a teacher’s assistant for multiple production courses and even acting in student productions, Art has always gravitated to the TV & Film industry. Her appreciation for not only the industry, but also reality television programs has made joining the Leopard USA team a valuable and exciting start to her career.