This Week on “House Hunters International”

Catch House Hunters International weeknights at 10:30pm on HGTV. Check out the House Hunters International schedule for the week of September 5th:

Monday 9/5:

Glory Days on St. Thomas, USVI

Dan wears his freewheeling nature on his sleeve, so when he had enough of the cold and snow of New Jersey’s winters, he decided to make a bold move. Dan is planning on running his construction business remotely from a home in the sun and surf of St. Thomas, and he’s willing to spare no expense to get what he wants. His wife Carrie, on the other hand, is already on edge about moving away from her native Garden State for the first time, and isn’t sure that getting everything that Dan wants is worth throwing their savings into jeopardy. It’ll be up to Carrie to be the voice of reason while keeping Dan and their budget from going overboard in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Tuesday 9/6:

Fancy, or Francey?

Ever since his grandparents returned with photos of the fabled Monaco Grand Prix, Benjamin has dreamed of starting a life in Monaco. Since age five he’s known that he was meant to live a life of luxury, but as a kid growing up in Connecticut, that life was far from his reality. For years he’s saved every penny in hopes of one day making it to the Cote D’azur, so when an opportunity to study in Monaco presented itself, Benjamin was ready to take it. His mom has watched him work hard to save every penny, and she doesn’t want to see him spend it all in one glamorous instant. He could save money by living just across the border in France, but he refuses to settle for anything that doesn’t have a Monaco zip code. Mom Rosemary is coming along to keep Benjamin grounded, but with his self-proclaimed “delusions of grandeur” fueled by a lifetime of big dreams, keeping Benjamin on track may be trickier than winning the Grand Prix.

Wednesday 9/7:

Aloha Pisa!

Having never seen a fireplace before, firefighter Jeremy Rhode takes his family from sunny warm Hawaii, to chilly Pisa, Italy in the winter. His three kids see snowcapped mountains for the first time, as well as experience temperatures below 60 degrees. But it’s all worth it to be able to explore Europe, something that probably would never have happened if a job offer from Pisa had not come along. His wife Cassy was all for it, but it will mean giving up her job and returning to being a stay-at-home mom. She wants to live near his job because she will have to drive him to and from work, with three small kids in the car, so the shorter the ride the better. He would like to get some distance between his job and his home so he can immerse himself and the family in Italian culture and chillax by the fireplace. The nearby walled city of Lucca is a beautiful old world option that’s great for kids, but the ocean side town of Tirennia has the lure of the sea for this Hawaiian family. What to do? Gelato anyone?

Thursday 9/8:

Cambodian Chaos and Comedy

California natives Jen and Stevo are making a spur of the moment move to put down roots in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia, where they can continue exploring east Asian culture and pursue their passions. Stevo wants to make it big as a comedian, so he needs to live as close to the city’s comedy clubs as possible. But Jen is a yogi, and the construction and chaos of downtown impacts her “inner peace” and “balance.” On top of that, rents are higher. Since living in the city could make or break Stevo’s comedy career and their bank, he’ll have to get Jen to compromise on both cost and construction.

Friday 9/9:

Mermaid on Board

Ashley and Greg like Idaho, but in recent years Greg’s work has taken center stage, to the detriment of their family life. In the interest of slowing things down and realigning as a family, the couple has decided to make a drastic move down under, to Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. The area is a perfect fit in most ways: Greg has a great new job, there’s a track to support his beloved drag racing hobby, and the ocean is nearby for the first time ever, which is a dream come true for professional mermaid, Ashley. But with a strict red line on their budget, the family is finding that their long wish list isn’t adding up. Hawke’s Bay may be a big change, but if they want it to be a successful one, they’ll have to determine if their wants are truly aligned with their needs, and let more go than just their memories of Idaho.