This Week on “House Hunters International”

Catch House Hunters International weeknights at 10:30pm on HGTV. Check out the House Hunters International schedule for the week of August 1st:

Monday 8/1:

Hello Phnom Penh

Sarann, Scott and their daughter Ami have moved from Seattle to Sihanoukville, Cambodia. They love the slower pace quiet beach life that they could not find in Seattle. But with no work available in Sihanoukville, they are running low on savings. Moving to Phnom Penh, where all the jobs are, was the only solution since they have no place to return to in Seattle. Sarann has decided to look for work as a teacher and have Scott stay home with Ami. Scott was the only one working in Seattle and is looking forward to this role reversal so he can create a closer bond with his young daughter.

Tuesday 8/2:

A Home for the Rio Olympics

Ana has just been promoted and she and husband Sean are moving from San Francisco to Rio de Janeiro. While Ana will work in the company office with clients getting ready for the 2016 Olympics, Sean will manage his San Francisco business from their new home. She wants an easy commute and he wants a home with space to work. A helicopter flight over the city givers them a stunning overview of Rio’s incredible geography and world famous landmarks. None of the three unique properties they see is a perfect wish list match. But their decision is a surprise, based less on wish list details than on their mutual support as they both face life and work in a new country.

Wednesday 8/3:

Zealous in Zanzibar

When Chris accepts a job at a school in Zanzibar, he and Mandy decide to take a huge leap and go for the unknown of living on a small island off the east coast of Africa. The differences between Nashville, Tennessee and Zanzibar are more than they could ever imagine. Exploring a new world for them is exciting but will Mandy be able to live everyday life without all the conveniences of the Western World?

Thursday 8/4:

Dream Home of Construction Zone

Mic and Shell love Canada but not those minus thirty-two degree winters. They know that Roatan, off the north coast of Honduras, is where they want their tropical home to be, but that’s where the agreement ends. She dreams of a turnkey property on the beach and he wouldn’t mind a place that needs a bit of work–he just needs space to build a workshop. Each stop on their house hunt has wish list advantages as well as downsides. Their decision is difficult and their choice is a surprise. Meanwhile Roatan’s lush tropical jungle, sand beaches and world-class scuba diving are just what they’ve come to enjoy.

Friday 8/5:

Sweden the Deal in Lund

After years of living stateside, Markus is ready to return to Europe with a new career path and new American wife, Cory. He’s been accepted into the University of Lund in Sweden, meaning that for the first time in their relationship, Cory will be the expat living abroad. Markus doesn’t want their first marital home to be a dorm room, so these newlyweds will need to battle 40,000 other students in Lund’s busy rental market. As she waits for her Swedish work visa, Cory is feeling the budgetary pressure, but she would still like their home to meet the size and standards to which she has grown accustomed to in the United States. Agent Michael will have his work cut out for him when House Hunters International goes on a honeymoon in Lund, Sweden.