This Week on “House Hunters International”

Catch House Hunters International weeknights at 10:30pm on HGTV. Check out the House Hunters International schedule for the week of July 25th:

Monday 7/25:

Long Live the Queen

Cynthia is taking her sister, Kimi, along to search for the perfect home in London. Cynthia has helped Kimi look for homes every time she moves, now it’s Kimi’s chance to return the favor. Cynthia’s husband, Greg, is not able to make the trip, so, armed with a wish list from her husband, Cynthia has to make sure she finds something that suits both of their needs. Kimi is there as ‘the voice of reason’ and moral support to help Cynthia decide which apartment meets all of the criteria.


Tuesday 7/26:

Life Ain’t Faroe Islands

Brynhild was born in the Faroe Islands, but decided to become an exchange student in high school. She was assigned to Michigan and lvoed it so much she decided to stay in the US for the last seven years. But now with her visa expiring, she and her American boyfriend Luis are planning a move back to the Faroe Islands so they can live close to her family in the same way they’ve lived close to Luis’ family for the past several years. But things on the Faroe Islands aren’t exactly how Brynhild remembers, and the fact that most people own their homes there makes the practice of renting an apartment next to impossible due to extremely limited inventory. Will they be able to find a suitable home or will they end up living with Brynhild’s family? Find out as House Hunters International travels to the mystical Faroe Islands.


Wednesday 7/27:

Down in Caccamo

House flipping flight attendants Bob and Phyllis are moving to Sicily after they were tipped off the the good deals by their daughter, Jessie. However, first they’ll have to agree on how big a project they can take on.


Thursday 7/28:

The Maltese Balcony

After moving every three years for his military career, Peter, his wife Eileen, and their daughter Sophia are looking to permanently anchor themselves in the land of his grandfather, Malta. Using their entire saving already has the family of three on edge. They will need to balance Eileen’s desire to have scenic sea views with an affordable, spacious family option. She and Peter will definitely need the help of real estate agent Jacqueline Borg to find their forever home in the middle of the Mediterranean.


Friday 7/29:

The Three Tasmaniacs

Now that Neil and Claire have a baby, they long to live a simpler lifestyle. So when Neil gets offered a new position, they pack up and move across the continent to the remote northwestern corner of the island of Tasmania. Scared of the lack of human interaction that could prevail, Claire presses to live near town. But Neil has his heart set on a more rural setting, not to mention a million dollar view. Since Claire and baby Summer will be home all day while Neil is working, whose location will win out?