This Week on “House Hunters International”

Catch House Hunters International weeknights at 10:30pm on HGTV. Check out the House Hunters International schedule for the week of July 18th:

Monday 7/18:

A Paris Shoebox for Six

Liz and Tony love life with their four kids in Melbourne. In fact, they love it so much that until very recently, they’ve never left the area. All that changed when they visited Paris a few years back, and now Liz is determined to break into the modest savings they’ve tucked away and allocate it to a dream apartment in the dream city they never knew existed until now, Paris. Unfortunately for them, Paris isn’t so obscure to the rest of the world, and affordable real estate is hard to come by. With Tony stuck in Melbourne for work, Liz will only have her teenage daughter to help find an affordable Parisian that’s gem big enough for six but won’t break the family bank. And she won’t take “non” for an answer.

Tuesday 7/19:

A Dream House in Belize

Throughout her career in education, Jessea never had time enough for her art. Now, with money saved she is leaving Santa Barbara to hunt for a new home on the Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize. With her son Forrest and his friend Katherine joining the hunt, Jessea wants a beachfront property where she can dock a boat. And while one bedroom is all she needs, the kids are quick to point out that a second bedroom would offer space when they visit. Jessea’s adventure features ocean scuba diving and zip lining through thick tropical jungles and of course three very unique properties that make her decision a real challenge. Forrest worries about his mother being alone in a new country but Jessea will have none of that. This is the adventure she’s been dreaming of for twenty years and house hunting along sixteen miles of Caribbean beach is not something she’s worried about…as long as there’s space for her art.

Wednesday 7/20:

Bayside to Barcelona

After working in the tech industry and happily living in San Francisco for five years, a promotion has Tony and his fiance Liz upending their lives to live abroad in Barcelona. Although Liz is willing to sacrifice her job to move to Barcelona with Tony, she’s not willing to sacrifice on office space in their search for a new apartment. And, even though Tony wants to show Liz his gratitude for making such a big move, he’s not sure he can give up the balcony he’s always wanted to get it for her.

Thursday 7/21:

Serious for Sand in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

As a stand-up comedian and a nurse practitioner, Kelly and Marci have sacrificed family time for their demanding careers. They are looking to grow closer together and embrace the laid back Pura Vida lifestyle they fell in love with during a vacation to Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Kelly makes jokes for a living but he is completely serious about his belief that a beachfront home will provide the best bonding experience. Marci feels the bustling Playas del Coco area can give them a wide array of activities to enjoy with her son Jacob. Unfortunately, on Kelly’s single income, they won’t escape the stress of trying to find an affordable house that pleases them both in Costa Rica.

Friday 7/22:

Sydney Deep in Their Move

Brandon and Amy’s routine life in San Francisco got knocked for a loop when Brandon received the opportunity for a promotion in Sydney, Australia. Eager to shake things up and add some adventure to their lives, Amy has given up a steady job to join Brandon in the search for an Australian home, but their respective wish lists will certainly be a challenge to meet. They’ll need a pet friendly apartment for their dog, but Amy likes a modern apartment with a large, open floor plan while Brandon’s main concern is location and keeping his commute as short as possible. Find out if they can get everything they’re looking for or if someone has to compromise as House Hunters International visits Sydney, Australia.