This Week on “House Hunters International”

Catch House Hunters International weeknights at 10:30pm on HGTV. Check out the House Hunters International schedule for the week of July 11th:

Monday 7/11:

Moving the Family to Marrakesh, Morocco

Globetrotting teachers Nick and Anna met while working abroad and quickly decided to get married and start a family. A recent temporary teaching assignment in Marrakesh introduced them to a city where they truly felt at home and they’ve decided to pull up their roots in Leeds, England and move their two daughters to Morocco permanently. Nick is looking for a luxurious and spacious standalone home and doesn’t care what he has to spend to get it, while his wife Anna is more concerned with the budget and finding a home close to town. Can Nick convince Anna to stretch the budget or will the reality of their financial situation inspire Nick to be more frugal? Find out as House Hunters International visits Marrakesh, Morocco.

Tuesday 7/12:

Return to the Shire

Before she married William, Nicolle lived as a single girl in Scotland. Though she loved it, she was forced to return to the states after her Visa expired. Three years later, the couple got married and started their family in Virginia. However, since day one they’ve always tried to maneuver a move to Scotland. After 12 years, Nicolle has decided to return to school to pursue her PhD in philosophy and has been accepted at the University of Aberdeenshire. After serious deliberation, Nicolle, William and their children have decided to move across the pond.

Wednesday 7/13:

Roatan Retreat, Honduras

After a scuba diving trip to Roatan, Stacy and her son Ryan fell in love with the island’s charm and decided to search for a vacation home for the entire family. With Ryan taking some time off after his first year of college, Stacy agrees to let her son live in Roatan while he figures out what to do with his life. But the desire for beachfront living comes with a hefty price tag so this mom and son duo must work together to keep their priorities straight in order find the perfect home.

Thursday 7/14:

Finding Purpose in Cochabamba, Bolivia

After years of living in Mississippi, Seth, Ashley and their three children are moving to Cochabamba, Bolivia. Hoping to not only immerse their kids in a different culture, this couple also wants to find a large home where they can host the local youth community. Their wish list is large but their budget is not. So something is going to have to give.

Friday 7/15:

Starting a Business in Penang, Malaysia

Mark and Kirsten Raccuia are in search of a rewire destination to spend more time together and start a business. The only trouble is it’s not easy to find a forever home with an uncertain income. Mark wants to take advantage of luxury living in a more affordable city meanwhile Kirsten keeps her eye on the numbers so that they don’t find themselves in a financial pickle.