This Week on “House Hunters International”

Catch House Hunters International weeknights at 10:30pm on HGTV. Check out the House Hunters International schedule for the week of July 4th:

Monday 7/4:

Utah Couple Searches for Mexican Bed and Breakfast

Craig and Jill have sold their very successful Mexican restaurant in Park City, Utah and are moving to their favorite vacation spot, Puerto Morelos, Mexico. After living the chaotic lifestyle of restaurant owners, they want to try to relax, while at the same time start a bed and breakfast and bring in the income hat they left behind in Utah. They need to find a home that works for them and their anticipated guests. Jill is more nervous about the venture, and wants to find a turnkey, move-in-ready property, but Craig wouldn’t mind doing a little renovation and putting his own stamp on it.

Tuesday 7/5:

Family in Fagersta

Gary and Stacey are selling their house outside of Detroit to move to Sweden after he lands a job promotion there. Gary wants to stay well within their budget and is even willing to get a fixer-upper in order to keep costs down. Stacey on the other hand is willing to stretch the budget to find the perfect home for their growing family and insists their new place be move-in ready after Gary promised her numerous times he would fix-up their kitchen in Michigan but never followed through.

Wednesday 7/6:

Alex and Rosa have high pressure jobs working for the time-sensitive cargo industry in Miami, Florida. Whenever they needed an escape, they’ve taken trips over the years to Italy’s tranquil Lake Como. They’ve decided to have an even deeper connection to the lake by purchasing a second home there but with prices in this exclusive area on the pricey side, they’ll need to tackle a renovation to afford the house they want. With Rosa’s sky’s the limit approach to creating the perfect place, Alex will have his hands full keeping her from breaking the bank.

Thursday 7/7: 

Diving into Dublin

After 14 years of marriage in Denver, Tiffany and Troy are making a move to Dublin for his accounting career. Initially excited by the travel opportunities, Tiffany was battling mixed emotions when the time came to relocate to Ireland’s capital. After giving up her job and a city she loves, Tiffany wants to make sure their new home suits her wishes, but Troy is concerned with convenience to work and the bottom line, as they dive into life in Dublin, Ireland.

Friday 7/8:

Cayman Island Adventures

Greg and Mika are adventure seekers. Whether it’s blazing new trails on the slopes, or setting sail on the open seas, they are always looking for that next thrill. So when a work opportunity for Greg on Grand Cayman came calling, they both dove headfirst. But their new venture will come with obstacles. There is high demand for rentals on this sought after island, and with Greg being the sole provider, the options become even more limited.