This Week on “House Hunters International”

Catch House Hunters International weeknights at 10:30pm on HGTV. Check out the House Hunters International schedule for the week of June 27th:

Monday 6/27:

Wine or Beach in South Africa

After five years, Paul and Ea want to leave Copenhagen and hunt for a home on the Western Cape of South Africa where Paul was born. He plans to start his own business in Cape Town but she has been accepted in an exclusive equestrian academy thirty miles east of the city. Classes start early and the drive in morning traffic can take an hour and a half. She wants a home near the academy. This duel between location preferences is something real estate agent Scott Spicer cannot win but he knows the Western Cape and selects three properties each with unique pros and cons. From the sunny beaches near Cape Town to the vast green winelands to the east, their hunt takes them through the western Cape’s beautiful landscape. Paul’s big fear is ending up in ‘the middle of nowhere.’ Ea fears hours spent in rush hour traffic. She would rather ride a horse.

Tuesday 6/28:

Trading Corn Pones for Scones in Milton Keynes, England

With their kids grown and off in college, Scott and Traci McLeod sold their house and moved into their lake home until they could find a new, smaller home. But right in the middle of the switch, Scott got an offer from his company for a change of pace working in England. It seemed like the perfect time to take the leap across the pond for the adventure of a lifetime. But finding a house that fits their needs, their lifestyle, and their budget could cause a showdown between the country folk in Milton Keynes.

Wednesday 6/29:

A New Home in Noisy Phnom Penh

Recently robbed in an overcrowded residential building, American John Munger must quickly find a new home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. With help from his girlfriend Mai and real estate agent David Murphy, John looks at apartments in three of Phnom Penh’s market districts. The sounds of construction and the bustling crowds disguise the unique apartments several stories above the street. Munger has recently taken a cut in pay so budget is a prime concern. Location becomes a conflict with his girlfriend Mai who wants to find a place near her family’s home. John wants to be close to work. But layout and interior features can also be a challenge in a market where kitchens don’t have ovens, the refrigerator is in the living room and an unexpected gadget sits next to the washing machine.

Thursday 6/30:

A Tall Order in Breda, Netherlands

Croatian native Ivan is giving up his American dreams to fulfill Lindsay’s childhood fantasy of living in Europe in his career move to Breda, Netherlands. The move gives his daughter more opportunity to get to know the Croatian side of the family, and Ivan just wants his new home to be within budget and close enough to his job. Lindsay daydreams of living in the pricey city center and she wants to make sure their house has enough space to house their families comfortably. But in Breda, homes within their budget aren’t big enough to house all of Lindsay’s dreams as House Hunters International get a glimpse of life in Breda, Netherlands.

Friday 7/1:

Back to Our Roots in Jamaica

Shauna and Tamika Barnes are going on a house hunt in their family’s homeland of Jamaica. With five family members involved and their parents on a fixed income, it won’t be easy to find a property that satisfies everyone’s wish list. Mom wants an ocean view, Dad wants fruit trees. And while Tamika wants a modern, turnkey home, Shauna wouldn’t mind putting in a little work and personal touch on the right place. The Barnes’ dream of owning a little piece of Jamaica is about to come true but not without compromise.