This week on “House Hunters International”

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Monday 9/21

Real Estate and Rodeos with Jesse James

Kevin and Melinda and their kids are ready for an adventure when they follow Kevin’s job from Missouri to Redlands Australia.    Real estate agent-cowboy Jesse James helps them with their search but soon he realizes that Kevin’s expectations of living in Australia are too far-fetched for Melinda to grasp.  Finding a house that fits their needs and their dreams proves to be a difficult task for this fun-loving family.

Tuesday 9/22

Eat, Prague, Love

Carey and Shereen were best friends living in California. Overtaken by their urge to see the world they decide to move to Prague together. They agree the central location of the Czech capital would be a great entry point to Europe. However, it’ll be their first time living together and these two girls couldn’t be more different.  Shereen prefers a modern home with clean lines while Carey prefers a home with more character.  Shereen wants a safe neighborhood above all else but Carey is all about location. Carey also demands a bathtub in her bathroom but Shereen is happy with only a shower if that keeps the budget down. Since neither of them have a job in their new city they’ll have to make some hard decisions on what to sacrifice from their wish list.

Wednesday 9/23

Baby Steps from Johannesburg, South Africa to Windhoek, Namibia

Ryan and Tracey are a young couple from Johannesburg, South Africa. They have recently married after knowing each other practically since birth.  They were born 3 weeks apart to parents who are also friends.  Now young adults with jobs, they both felt the need to break away to see what life is like beyond Joburg. Being slightly risk averse, they are taking their first baby steps together again, venturing just across the border to Windhoek, Namibia, where Ryan’s current employer has a job for him.

Thursday 9/24

A Lot to Learn in Madrid 

Pete and Michelle have done long distance before, so when Pete got accepted to business school in Madrid, it was a given that fiancé Michelle would come along. But while the move may be good for their relationship, it will put a strain on their finances. Michelle has to leave her job to move abroad, and Pete will be a full time student, unable to work. Still, with so much to give up, Michelle wants to make sure they maximize their experience, including finding a centrally located home with authentic Spanish style. The couple will have to balance Michelle’s wish list with Pete’s practical business school sensibility, and their thin wallet, if the gamble in Madrid is going to be worth everything it costs.

Friday 9/25

From California to Switzerland

Years ago, Alexis made a promise to his wife Zuleimy that someday, somehow, they would find a way to live in Europe. That was her dream and now, with a job opportunity in Zurich, Alexis can finally keep that promise. He is fascinated by Zurich’s history and the charm of its older buildings. She wants to find a more modern place with every convenience. It’s a challenge to combine those very different wish lists into one affordable home. Their house hunt takes them to a restored farmhouse, a pleasant apartment close to town and a modern flat near Zurich’s center. There are no losers with this house hunt. Just one winner.