House Hunters International

From Kaiserslautern, Germany family on HHI experience

First of all, I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to all of the staff at Leopard USA/House Hunters International.

Our casting connection, Mary Anne Nicoletti and Andreas Eisenach, local fixer were so professional . We felt like VIPs every step of the way, and the kids were treated as important contributors, just as Corey & I.

Director Stefan Zanec – Words can’t express how grateful we are that he shared his passion for his work with us. 

Director of Photography, Marcus Lehmann’s personality and style immediately clicked. He didn’t need to take the time, his patience and professionalism shined through. 

Audio engineer, Dimitri’s Tisseyre’s quiet, calm, and respectful style made placing sound equipment under clothing no big deal.  Because of his professionalism, my shy teens relaxed and didn’t hesitate to let him do his job. 

Production assistant, Flo Kellner was busy behind the scenes.  I noticed his quiet professionalism.

Lastly, Producer Claire Bamford is the epitome of patience and a lovely personality.  You represent what I imagine the best of the best is in your specialty! 

Well done team Kaiserslautern Norcross Version!  You all will have a special place in our hearts!

Kind regards – Corey, Kristi, Siena, Sydney & Grady Norcross

From Mazatlan, MX contrib on entire HHI experience

First, I would like to thank producer Jen Leahy for making the pre-production preparations for my episode fun and seamless.

Second, I had no idea what to expect once the crew arrived, but I must tell you, the crew were amazing! Director – Kelly Linder, DP – David Sarasti,  Audio – Allan Moss, Fixer- Jesus Fletes and Safety PA – Ricardo Fletes.

The most important thing I need to express is how safe I felt during the entire shoot because the crew always followed all safety protocols.

I would like to add that the Production Coordinator, Sydney Shulman, and I have exchanged various emails and his responses have been prompt and polite.  

Overall, I would like to commend everyone on a job well done.  

As a professional, I can identify a well-oiled operation when I see one.  It was evident from the first email I received from you, to Kelly yelling, “It’s a wrap!” that House Hunters International is certainly a well-oiled operation.  

House Hunters International should be proud of its staff for the work they do to make their show a success. 

Andrea LaRochelle, contributor, Mazatlan, Mexico.
AKA Chaska Soul

From Lucca, Italy – contributors Jess and Matt Simpson after seeing their episode

Produced by Melissa Grassi, Directed by Kelly Linder, DOP Ed Noel and Audio engineer, Noel Thompson.

We’ve received the most amazing feedback on the episode from friends and strangers. I thought this note, posted by a stranger on my Light Traveling Facebook page, would brighten your day.

I’ve been to Italy many times. I love it and would like to live there one day. Your episode I’ve saved because I want to watch it several times. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in Italy. 
You guys are such a nice couple with positive views. And you smiling and laughing all the time. Hope one day my husband agrees. Congratulations!!

Jess Simpson – Freelance Travel and Lifestyle Writer

From Barcelona contributors, Ian McDowell and Paula Henao

Paula and I wanted to thank producer Joycelyn Conover for being so easy to work with during this process.

Your quality work showed. We also want to give astounding compliments to our team during the filming days.

Ben Robinson is a great director.  Mike Hodder is excellent with his video and production. Alex Purkiss is awesome with his sound and quality.  Montserrat Rossell is also excellent as a fixer, and Alex was excellent in his job as the runner as well.  They went above and beyond to make sure the Ben, Mike, and Alex had what they needed.  Paula and I were treated with respect, and they made us feel very comfortable.  This experience was excellent for us, and we want to give producer Joycelyn Conover, casting producer Alicia Gervin,…  What a lovely experience for us…thank you!!!!

Yours truly,
Ian and Paula

From Luxembourg contributors, Rose and John Keith

We were so grateful to work with such an amazing crew this past week Laura Stevens (Director), Phil Mash (Director of Photography), Ray Hill (Sound Mixer), and Tiago Hof (the local Fixer) were each wonderful.

They were extremely professional, but also lots of fun and simply good people to be around. They were each so great with our 3 kids too, and connected with each of them.

Thanks again for a great experience, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
~ Rose and John

From Nick Snelling – Real estate Agent – Spain

This is just a quickie to thank you for all your help during the Madrid and Orihuela shoots.

Once again, I have been really impressed by the setup and organisation of everything, which has been faultless.

Indeed, when anyone asks, I always state what a pleasure it is to work with HHI – a stunning combination of the best of American corporate super-efficiency with a strong dusting of charm and genuine care. 

These are rare characteristics and exemplified by you and your superb team.

From Tanaka Dune – Melbourne, Australia Contributor

I am writing this morning to truly express my gratitude over the amazing experience Karina and I had with HHI and the crew over the past few days.

Producer Melissa Grassi and Casting Producer Lindsay Goyette-Burke’s excitement and awesomeness made the entire process a fun experience. They are both are enthusiastic and welcoming.

They and Production Coordinator Adam Blackwell were able to navigate the things that came up with grace and kindness while ensuring Karina and I could finish the shoots effectively. 

You also chose the most amazing crew, it was fun to be with Director, Karyn Wood, DOP, Dene Henderson, Audio engineer, Paul Walker, Fixer, Angela Moran and local PA, Anita Michalski.

A huge should out to Karyn the director for making every single day so much fun, even at the end of the a long day, she was understanding and excited. Dean and Paul are the ultimate professionals despite the heavy equipment! Finally, Anita and Angela were awesome assistants who worked well with the team and not only kept us well hydrated, were also fantastic company in between shots.

From a new HHI Crew Member – Local DOP, Nigel Tomkinson, Perth, Australia

I had a great time with Director David Holyroyd, Ash Charlton (Audio), Ryan Turner (Fixer) Chloe Meakins (Safety PA) and brother contributors Sasha and Dino Milotec.

It was a very busy shoot (as I’m sure they all are) but we all had a lot of fun. The boys’ laughter was very infectious.

Your support (and that of all in the Production office and Post) was very helpful and reassuring.