This week on “House Hunters International”

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Monday 10/13

Bearish or Bullish in Medellin, Colombia

Having visited over 80 countries and lived in 12 of them across the globe, Marcello Arrambide never usually sticks around anywhere for very long. He’s been able to fund his world traveling lifestyle through day trading in the stock market and now he wants to teach other people to enjoy the same freedom he has. Marcello’s plan is to start a day trading school in the one spot in the world he can see himself settling down, Medellin, Colombia.

Tuesday 10/14

Swaziland of Confusion

Michigan girl Ginger left her promising career in advertising two years ago to escape the rat race and make a difference in the world. She came to Swaziland to volunteer and has been living on a homestead in the tiny village of Tikuba, but she never expected she’d meet Swazi native George, the love of her life, on a trip to town. Now they’re engaged to be married and her volunteer assignment has come to an end, but instead of returning to the states, Ginger is staying in Africa and moving to George’s hometown of Mbabane. George needs to live close to the city for work, and while Ginger is excited to live with modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and a full kitchen, she’s a little anxious about being too close to city life too soon. Compromise will be key as House Hunters International safaris down to Swaziland.

Wednesday 10/15

Man vs Math vs Wife, for the Caribbean Dream Home

Jersey natives Urlin and Stephanie have built a sensible but hectic life together without ever having to leave their zip code. After a quick trip to Aruba, however, Urlin fell in love with the rather impractical idea of a beachfront Caribbean dream home. It’s an investment that could threaten the family’s financial future, but Urlin is determined to explore the possibilities. Wanting to be supportive, Stephanie has agreed to come along for the ride, but if they can’t find a suitable property and a way to pay for it upfront, Stephanie may force Urlin to leave Curacao empty-handed.

Thursday 10/16

Snapshot of City Life in Paris, France

Ben and Nicole Miller loved Franklin, Tennessee so much they recently built their dream home there. However, when a job opportunity came up in Paris that could boost his career and also afford Nicole the chance to pursue her passion of photography, they knew a move there would be too good to pass up. With its countless photo ops, Nicole wants to live in central Paris but with Ben’s job located outside the city, he doesn’t want to commute through congestion every day to get there. Ben also grew really comfortable with suburban living and with two small dogs to also think about, Nicole knows it will be a struggle for him to be swooned by the allure of being in the heart of Paris, France.

Friday 10/17

Changing Plans for Love in Roatan

It was supposed to be a six week adventure around Honduras and Guatemala. But Amanda never made it past her first stop on the island of Roatan. She met Jonathan, a handsome scientist, on the beach and decided to stay. They really were hitting it off, so she decided to move in with him to really test the relationship so she could know whether it was going to work and if she should return after her vacation was over. Things went well and he passed the audition, so she’s on her way back to pick up where they left off. But a new, larger place to live is in order, so it’s time to find out how well they mesh on a house hunt. This is a tough task for anyone, and could be the true test of their love.